Orlu Regional Atlanta

About Us

Orlu Regional Union Atlanta is a community based not for profit organization incorporated in the state of Georgia…

Who We Are

A cultural and community based organization set up for galvanizing all people of Orlu Senatorial Zone, Imo State, Nigeria for the education, advancement, community economic development initiatives and charitable assistance to the following areas.

The area comprises of the following Local Government Areas of Imo State-Ideato North, Ideato South, Isu, Njaba, Nkwerre, Nwangele, Oguta, Ohaji-Egbema, Orlu, Orsu, Oru East and Oru West.


Our History


What became Orlu Regional Union Inc today was an idea that was incubated and nurtured by sixteen (16) young Nigerians that came together in the year 1996, through the crucibles of their quest to make a difference, an organization as noble and enduring as orlu Regional union Atlanta was born. The idea was to have an umbrella organization that will rally and unite all individuals who either by birth or marriage claim old orlu senatorial zone in Imo State Nigeria as their ancestral home. Orlu Regional Union has since evolved to be even much more. The organization is now a premier organization that has blended cultural advocacy with humanitarian activism as a means for social change.
The organization uses cultural empathy to accommodate, integrate and transform the lives of the less fortunate through her yearly home projects while at the same time embarking on various community services like their yearly feed the hungry and the homeless programs. She also partners with the Hosea Williams family by donating money and materials towards the eradication of hunger in the Atlanta metropolis.
Orlu Regional Union Atlanta has indeed metamorphosed from being a mental construct to being a leader in both cultural and community activism!

Our Projects


Charity For Education

Orlu Regional Atlanta Inc, believes education is the key out of poverty and crime ands for the right to education for every child to get education and a chance at survival.


Home Project

Home Project is one of the laudable projects Orlu Regional Union Atlanta embarks upon every other year. This project touches all the twelve LGA of the Orlu Senatorial Zone.


Feed For Hungry

Orlu Regional Union members at the one of our annually feed the homeless community outreach events in downtown Atlanta.


Youth Service

Providing authentic engagements to our youths, especially the disadvantaged, through vocational training and advise on how to navigate a challenging world is at the heart of our youth Service projects.


Medical Mission

Orlu Regional Union Atlanta an affiliate of ORA USA is proud to be part of yearly free medical mission implemented in Orlu Senatorial zone of Imo State Nigeria.


Project Clean Water

According to the he United Nations estimates, someone dies due to lack of clean water in Africa every 15 seconds. We are doing our best to help provide clean water to our people. Please join us in this effort.

Become A Proud Member

Since the founding of this incredible organization, Orlu Regional Atlanta, Inc, a 501(c) nonprofit organization, has relied heavily on its members who support the various humanitarian endeavors the organization to provide services to the  community here in the US and abroad.

Our organization is built on the promise of helping the underprivileged both within our locals in the Atlanta area and our people back home by providing funding for eduacation, through our renowned medical mission and home projects to provide school-related materials to help educate our youth.

With your support, we will continue to provide a variety of support to the needy. By clicking the Donate button below, you are helping make the dreams of our people realistic. Thank you for your support.